Adam Pappin

Adam Pappin has been helping people with identity problems for over two decades. He knows the devastation that victims feel, and their sense of helplessness and hopelessness when dealing with unaccountable bureaucrats and inflexible creditors. The process to undo damage, and avoid further damage, can also be overwhelming.

At Pappin Law, we know that identity crimes can be life-altering. An acquaintance of Adam’s took the drastic step of legally changing her name after her reputation and financial standing were destroyed beyond repair by an identity fraudster.

Adam’s own wife was pursued by a debt collection agency because her name was similar to someone else’s. The real debtor had a different first name, different driver’s license number, different date of birth, different address on a different island of Hawaii, and was a male. Those facts made no difference to the debt collector and the harassment continued for months until legal action was threatened.

The range of identity-related problems is virtually limitless and Adam’s legal practice has covered a particularly broad spectrum of these. His work has ranged from clearing a criminal record in the name of an innocent victim to reversing a deportation order made consequent to mistaken identity.

At Pappin Law our goal is to return control of your identity to you quickly and efficiently, and to ensure that damage is reversed to the maximum extent possible, and the chance of future problems is minimized.

If someone has misused your identity and that person can be found, we will discuss with you the option of prosecution. Additionally, we can often obtain a civil judgment for restitution to help compensate you for your time wasted and the harm done to you and your reputation.

If you have an identity-related problem that you need resolved, contact Identity Lawyer Adam Pappin to discuss how he can help. There is no cost for the initial consultation.

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